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From Project AWARE Foundation

To help underwater photographers improve their technique and protect underwater environments,

Project AWARE Foundation has introduced a code of good practice designed for novice and pro photographers alike -

10 Tips for Underwater Photographers


CPR Guidelines -- Safety Courses

Don't forget to update your "safety" courses. Keep yourself refreshed and up to date with the courses you need to have in case of an emergency.


**Remember, you need to update your emergency skills at LEAST every TWO years! If you are a dive professional it's a good idea to update every year!

Check out the Emergency First Responder Course on the PADI page

What do you think when you think about Sharks? Sharks seem to be a fear/fascination with most people. As divers we have learned that they are not the monsters they are typically portrayed to be. You can find some interesting information about Sharks

by clicking on the Fun and Information tab at the top of the page. 

Hammerhead in the Galapagos





Bali, Indonesia

Spotted Eagle Ray


RMS Rhone

British Virgin Islands

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We have links to various websites and lots of information for you on our website. Please let us know if any of the links aren't working so we can correct, or remove, them. 

Explore, enjoy and let's all learn more, get prepared and do more diving!


You've purchased your scuba gear - yea!!!

Now you're ready for that tropical dive trip!

Do you know how to take care of your brand new "scuba toys?"  

Salt water, especially, is very hard on dive gear.  Here is a brief overview of how to care for each piece.  

Maintain your Scuba Equipment

Wow,  2019 and summer half over,

- how did that happen so quickly???


Taking a summer vacation to go spend

some quality time underwater?

Don't forget to do a refresher course

before that wonderful tropical trip!!!

May the rest of the summer

and all of 2019 be filled with good times,

good friends and good diving!