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77 Packing Tips for Every type of Traveler

Great tips for travel, what to pack in your carry-on, general packing ideas, some great creative ideas.

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10 Tips on Packing for an International Trip

Different locations will of course have different requirements, however these tips and reminders will help no matter what country you are going to visit.

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We pack with Eagle Creek

We use a lot of Eagle Creek products for our packing needs.  You can purchase their packing products at REI, Luggage Stores and on their website.  There are a lot of copy-cat products, which may be just fine, but we’ve used our Eagle Creek things for years and they are still like new.  They last amazingly well.  

Eagle Creek has a really nice traveler's checklist on their website. 

Click here to go to Eagle Creek's checklist webpage.

Need Vaccinations or Medicines?

The CDC website can give you the information you need so you can be prepared.  Some vaccainations need to be taken in a series over a period of time, so check here to see what you may need as soon as you plan your trip.

CDC Travelers Health

Need exchange rates?

This is a great online converter - check your mobile device apps as well, there are some great ones there as well!

XE Currency Converter


Magellan's is a company that sell all types of vacation or trip based products.  They have a Tipping Guide on their website that is pretty informative. 

Worldwide Tipping Guide.

Don't forget to check your smart phone apps store.  They have various free tipping guides as well!


Google Maps

National Geographic Maps


What time is it?

This world time zone converter means never having to say "I'm sorry. Did I wake you?"

World Clock - Time Zones

City Search Time

What is the weather like?

Don't forget to check the extended forecast for the area you are visiting so you will know how and what to pack!


What to Pack? No Problem with these guides!!!

TravelSmith has great travel clothes and accessories, they also have great packing guides for different types of trips.  You'll find printable packing lists and carry-on guidelines.  You can create a list of sensible clothes for your trip based on the type of travel and location, and they show you how to pack!

Travel Smith Packing

TravelSmith Destination Guides

TravelSmith provides FREE, detailed destination guides with hotels, sights, and activity suggestions - plus packing recommendations from our expert outfitters. These guides are normally only available to travel agents but TravelSmith offers these exclusive, regularly updated reports to their traveling community.

TravelSmith Travel Center

World Travel Guide

Along with other valuable travel tips, you can download dozens of city and country guides to your handheld device


City Guide

Travel information for major cities around the world - just type in the city you want at the top of the page search feature.


Frommers Travel Guide

Information on various countries and cities as well as free travel information.  Pick your next trip or learn about the destination for the trip you have planned!


Good Travel Information Reminders

Traveling with Minors ... There are very specific rules concerning traveling with minors.  Unless a child is traveling with both birth parents, you will need to have proper authorization for traveling with that child.  We have some forms that may help you in this matter.  Contact us for information.

Luggage Tags ... Your luggage tags should provide your name and phone number.  But, you might consider leaving your address off the tag - it's like advertising that address to be vacant!  Be sure to put your name and phone number INSIDE your bag also.

Call Ahead ... Phone your hotel before you go and ask what amenities will be in your room, such as shampoo, conditioner, hair dryer, etc...  Then you can avoid packing whatever the hotel is providing.

Avoid Leaks ... Pack solid perfume and stick or cream foundation and deodorant!

Things that go bump ... A night light takes up almost no space in your suitcase and makes bumping into furniture and walls in strange rooms a thing of the past.

Sign Language ... Putting out the doorknob sign to request maid service is like hanging out a red flag saying "This room is empty".  Don't do it!!


 We hope this information helps you have a FANTASTIC and smooth trip!

Ten Guidelines for Travelers:

This article was published many years ago, but the information is still relevent.  You may have seen these humorous guidelines or a version of them over the years. The original author is unknown, but the point they make is a valuable one. They are a light-hearted way to remind us to "keep cool" when the inevitable glitches and unexpected problems arise during a trip. 

       1. Do not expect to find things to be like at home. You left home to find

           things different.


       2. Do not take anything too seriously. A carefree mind is a vital to a good vacation.

       3. Do not let other travelers get on your nerves. You paid good money to enjoy yourself.

       4. Do not forget: you are a representative of your country at all times.

       5. Try not to worry because he or she who worries will have no fun. Remember that few things in life are fatal.

       6. Know where your passport is at all times because a traveler without a passport is a traveler without a country.

       7.  As a stranger in a strange land, be prepared to do as its people do.

       8. Do not judge all people of a country by the one person who has given you trouble.

       9. Learn how to say thank you in the language of the country you’re visiting.

           A sincere thank you, along with a smile, doubles the value of any tip you may give.

      10. Remember that you are a guest and those travelers who treat their hosts with respect will be treated likewise.


Used by permission of Dive Training Magazine         




Remember ~ You Need a Passport!

 This website has all the information you need about passports.  It has a link to what to do if you have an emergency abroad, travel warnings, customs restrictions, travelers checklist, destination information and so much more.  Check it out!




Don't Forget Your Dive Insurance!!!!!!


When you take a dive trip, we strongly recommend Dive Insurance through DAN -- Divers Alert Network.  We repeat -- we STRONGLY recommend having Dive Insurance, and we have really appreciated DAN dive insurance -- they take care of you!  Click here to go to the DAN website for information on their insurance and benefits of being a DAN member.  DAN is well known and respected worldwide.  In the event of a dive emergency, DAN is who you want on your side helping you!  Contact us if you need more information!